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Mortal Kombucha ships on ice-packs UPS Ground. We highly recommend once delivered, getting it into a cold refrigerated setting ASAP (within 24 hours) and not drinking until it’s chill. Remember, this is a live drink with living cultures. Room temperature storage and warmer is not ideal.


At this time we do not ship direct to consumer international. To open a wholesale account, contact us.

Ice, duh. And 2-3 day shipping. Once you get your package get it in the fridge and upcycle the shipping materials into something cool.

The base of our kombucha contains 4g of sugar and is noted as “added” sugar on our ingredients panel. Outside of our Black Magic flavor, we do not add any added sugar to our flavors. All flavor is derived from organic, non-gmo fruit and be less than 17g of sugar for the entire 16oz bottles.

As a brand founded by a Type 1 diabetic, we strive to develop flavors that are low in sugar. For example, Chill Flower relies solely on Floral Herbs and Spearmint for sweetness.

There is only a little caffeine in Mortal Kombucha – as much as a decaf cup of coffee.

Any caffeine in our kombucha comes from our kombucha base of black and green tea – however most caffeine is consumed in the fermentation process. We do not add any additional caffeine to any of our products.

If you feel super duper energized it’s probably the l-theanine, probiotics and herbs supercharging your gut.

We love recycling but at this time we cannot accept bottles back. Please recycle them.

Kombucha is tea that’s fermented with a SCOBY. A SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. It’s grown on top of the tea to ferment the tea and block the tea from oxygen during the process. It’s much like the beer brewing and wine making process, yeast feasts on the bacteria and sugars to create the fermented tea. The bacteria is the same bacteria use to make sour dough bread. The byproduct of the fermentation process is the Kombucha.

Yes. Yes. Please yes.

Kombucha can live outside the fridge for the course of a day as you drink it, but it’s always best served cold. Kombucha is a living drink and has active cultures in the drink. These cultures will continue to ferment when above 45 degrees.

If the drink continues to ferment and it’s sealed it may get very very bubbly. Open with caution. If you leave it out in the heat for a while it may get a bit more vinegary in flavor. If it turns very vinegary use it as a salad dressing.

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