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We do not ship kombucha direct-to-consumers.


We only ship our Mortal Hydration product direct-to-consumers via We ship globally excluding a few locations.


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Mortal Hydration is an electrolyte replenishment powder designed for replacing electrolytes lost from sweat during exercise (and life) and is available in two tritrates depending on your sodium needs.

Yes. Mortal Hydration is an electrolyte hydration drink. Its focus is on delivering fluid and 600+ mg of electrolytes per serving for the regular and 1000mg+ for the salty. Mortal Hydration’s main goal is to combat dehydration and replace essential electrolytes.

With the modern fueling strategy of high-carb and athletes trying to get 80-120g of carbs per hour it is vital to remember that when carbohydrates are not consumed with adequate electrolytes this can amplify dehydration. The majority of electrolytes in high-carb nutrition and high-carb beverages are designed to help the absorption of the fuel, not replenish electrolytes lost in sweat by the athlete. Mortal Hydrations aims to facilitate effective rehydration with a lighter carbohydrate profile, enhancing the absorption of electrolytes for sweat replenishment. This allows athletes to sip, sip, sip as needed without disrupting their fueling strategy.

Mortal encourages athletes to think about Fuel (Carbohydrates) and Hydration (Electrolytes) as two separate and equally important parts of their nutrition strategy.

When looking at electrolytes, Mortal focused primarily on sodium levels. Mortal has 450mg of sodium in the regular version and 900mg of sodium in the Salty version. You can also combine one serving of regular and one serving of salty to make two servings of hydration with an ideal 675mg of sodium.

In terms of total electrolytes, the account has an additional 190mg of electrolytes (potassium, magnesium, and calcium), and that is the same between the regulated and salty versions, as those are the ideal amounts regardless of sodium. That means regular mortal has 645mg of total electrolytes, and salty has 1,090mg of electrolytes (slight variations between each flavor, but not significant).


Every ingredient in Mortal Hydration was meticulously sourced and rigorously tested. Mortal Hydration uses the highest quality ingredients to aid in electrolyte replenishment lost from sweat during endurance sports in a way that does not stress the gut.

We use Trisodium Citrate not sodium chloride (table salt)*
We use Tripotassium Citrate not Potassium Chloride
We use Calcium Lactrate not calcium citrate
We use Magnesium Glycinate not Magnesium Malate


*Mortal Margarita and Mortal Margarita SALTY has a bit of Sodium Chloride to enhance the margarita taste. Sodium Chloride has a distinct flavor (saltier) than sodium citrate and we chose to add it here for taste reasons.

Mortal’s flavor system includes cane sugar, dextrose, and a small amount of stevia. The minimal amount of stevia gives it a more dynamic flavor, balanced with unique citric acid from Austria. The flavor profile is a wave of flavor that starts out initially slightly sweet and then slightly tart; this has been uniquely designed to encourage athletes to sip and drink more frequently versus traditional one-dimensional flavor systems. Many believe Stevia is like erythritol, xylitol, or a sugar alcohol. That is NOT the case. Stevia is unrelated to these artificial sweeteners, which have no place in an exercise performance beverage. Many top sports hydration brands have stevia, including LMNT, First Endurance EFS, Liquid IV, SOS, Nuun, PNG, Saltstick, and Hammer.

Mortal was optimized for a 22oz (650ml) for the optimal flavor. It can easily be diluted more with 750ml or 950ml water bottles, and many triathletes will use the 950ml bottles with a single serving of Mortal. If you want to increase your sodium level to 950ml, consider using Mortal Salty.

If you prefer a less flavorful bottle, we suggest two different options.

  1. Take one Salty and use it for two bottles. This cuts the flavor profile and sugar in half per bottle but keeps 450mg of sodium.
  2. 2. Use the regular Mortal version and use a larger bottle, like 750ml or, even better, 950ml

One of the biggest challenges endurance athletes face is dehydration. Mortal Hydrations aims to facilitate effective rehydration with a lighter carbohydrate profile, enhancing the absorption of electrolytes for sweat replenishment. This allows athletes to sip, sip, sip as needed without disrupting a fueling strategy.


Nutrition needs are different from athlete-to-athlete so please do not take this as a prescription for all athletes.

To achieve 90g of carbs per hour: 
1 bottle of Mortal (10g)
+ 4 Maurten 100 Gels
or 2 Maurten 160 Gels
or 2 Maurten 100gels & 1 Maurten 160 Solid

Sub 10 Hour Athletes:
For athletes completing races sub 10 hours we recommend starting the bike stocked with at least one high-carb bottle of your choosing and a gel to immediately begin fuel replenishment from the swim. Eating solid food on the bike and/or using fuel that uses a combination of fructose and glucose is recommended because they are absorbed with different systems. This allows a slower absorption that does not overwhelm the system and cause GI distress.

10 Hour+ Athletes: 
We recommend the 90g plan above. We also suggest consuming the Maurten 160 Solids on the bike alongside gels to reduce the GI distress. For 10 Hour+ finishers it is important to give the gut different types of fuel to avoid flooding the gut with high volume nutrition. This means nutrition that combines glucose and fructose and a mixture of gels and carbs. Only obtaining carbs from one source (glucose and maltodextrin both use the same system of the body for digestion) can overwhelm the system and require blood to be pulled away from muscles and into the gut for digestion. This often causes extreme cramping and bloating. It is important to have solids in combination with liquids/gels.

The base of our kombucha contains 4g of sugar and is noted as “added” sugar on our ingredients panel. Outside of our Black Magic flavor, we do not add any added sugar to our flavors. All flavor is derived from organic, non-gmo fruit and be less than 17g of sugar for the entire 16oz bottles.

As a brand founded by a Type 1 diabetic, we strive to develop flavors that are low in sugar. For example, Chill Flower relies solely on Floral Herbs and Spearmint for sweetness.

There is only a little caffeine in Mortal Kombucha – as much as a decaf cup of coffee.

Any caffeine in our kombucha comes from our kombucha base of black and green tea – however most caffeine is consumed in the fermentation process. We do not add any additional caffeine to any of our products.

If you feel super duper energized it’s probably the l-theanine, probiotics and herbs supercharging your gut.

We love recycling but at this time we cannot accept bottles back. Please recycle them.

Kombucha is tea that’s fermented with a SCOBY. A SCOBY is a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast. It’s grown on top of the tea to ferment the tea and block the tea from oxygen during the process. It’s much like the beer brewing and wine making process, yeast feasts on the bacteria and sugars to create the fermented tea. The bacteria is the same bacteria use to make sour dough bread. The byproduct of the fermentation process is the Kombucha.

Yes. Yes. Please yes.

Kombucha can live outside the fridge for the course of a day as you drink it, but it’s always best served cold. Kombucha is a living drink and has active cultures in the drink. These cultures will continue to ferment when above 45 degrees.

If the drink continues to ferment and it’s sealed it may get very very bubbly. Open with caution. If you leave it out in the heat for a while it may get a bit more vinegary in flavor. If it turns very vinegary use it as a salad dressing.

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